Our Leadership

"There is no other head of the church but the Lord Jesus Christ."
~ Westminster Confession of Faith Chapter 25

Trinity BIble Presbyterian Church is served by elders elected by the congregation. The word presbyterian means, "governed by elders". The elders serve on a board called, "the Session" which is responsible for the government of the congregation, matters of public worship, promoting the spiritual growth of its members and exercising church discipline. Pastors are called, "teaching elders" because they are specially called to the preaching of the Word and administration of the sacraments.

The other office prescribed by Scripture is that of the deacon. The board of deacons, or Diaconate, oversee the ministry of mercy to help those within and outside the congregation by collecting and disbursing funds or organizing care for the relief of those in need or distress.

All officers are to be men of obvious and proven Christian character, elected by the congregation and meeting the qualifications found in 1 Timothy and Titus.

Trinity Bible Presbyterian Church is a member of the Bible Presbyterian Church (BPC). Twice a year elders from Trinity BPC gather with elders from BPC churches across the Pacific Northwest to discuss matters pertaining to the regional church or Presbytery. Annually representative elders gather from across the entire denomination to address matters pertaining to the entire church in a meeting called, "Synod".


Justin Hoke

Justin Hoke is pastor of Trinity Bible Presbyterian Church where he has served since 2012. He has his Master of Divinity from The North American Reformed Seminary. Justin and his wife Yatang have been married for 13 years and have 3 boys; Joshua (9), Peter (6) and Sammy (3).


Bob Copeland

Tim Hart (Tim is an elder of Columbia Bible Presbyterian Church in Sacapoosse OR and has graciously agreed to serve our session until such time as the Lord should raise up another qualified man from our congregation)


Mark Hilsenberg

Mike Montreuil