Trinity BPC Philosophy of Ministry

We believe that ministry begins with the idea that all Christians are called and gifted to do the work of the ministry to greater and lesser degrees (Rom. 12; 1 Cor. 12; Eph. 4).

We define Christian ministry, as “Seeking the glory of God through the advancement of His kingdom by means of the gospel of Jesus Christ”. Paul teaches in 1 Corinthians the first chapter that God is concerned to take glory for Himself through a foolish message (the gospel), a foolish method (preaching) and foolish men (sinners who have been born-agian).

The message of the gospel is not, for us who believe, foolish, rather, for us, it is the power of God by which we have learned the meaning of life and been restored to our offended God through the atoning work of Jesus on the cross.

The method, for us who believe, is not foolish as it is the means by which God graciously brought to our hearing the gospel of life. It was the method that the Spirit of God blessed to affect the change of heart and new birth that made it possible for us, “who hated God”, to repent and believe.

God chooses the weak things of this world to display His mighty power.

While the world runs to autonomous man for speculation and philosophical ideas, God has given in clear terms all that man must know for life and godliness in the gospel of Jesus Christ. The world runs to greater and grander methods of communication and persuasion even manipulation, but God uses a single message heralded by preachers.

Sadly, this gospel focused philosophy of ministry, which sees all aspects of ministry as gospel empowered will to many, in the modern church, seem less than ideal. In the modern North American Church an exclusively gospel focused ministry is considered insufficient to meet the felt needs of real people. We believe that this is not the fault of true gospel ministry, but rather the fault of unfaithful "gospel" ministry.

A herald is one that proclaims the edict of the king, his job is to communicate a message that is not his own. Sadly, many in the church today have changed or amended the message and by doing so they have done great damage to themselves and to their hearers. By changing the message, they have robbed it of its power to save, to meet the real needs of real people and made it as ineffective as all the vain ideologies and philosophies of men.

The purpose of gospel ministry is discipleship and evangelism. The goal of all gospel ministers should be to equip the saints so that they are enabled to engage in both discipleship and evangelism in all aspects of life as they learn to die to the stuff of this passing world and live for the King of heaven and the life to come.